Exchange Crypto-Currencies Using AdvCash $ To DogeCoin Step By Step Guide With Pictures


Today most of the people know what is the Bitcoin about and no need to explain what is it about ๐Ÿ™‚ . Very simply we can call it virtual currency which can we use person to person directly, instantly with few confirmations. Not only Bitcoins, in these days we can see popular Crypto-Currencies like

  • Lite Coin

  • DogeCoin

  • Dash

  • Prime Coin

  • Peer Coin

  • Ethereum Etc.


Future you and me, Together we are going to talk Various things Not only currencies but also creating Secure wallets, Earn free coins, buy coins, Trade with, Invest them, Start own business, Buy bitcoin using Payza, Neteller, Skrill, AdvCash and getting knowledge as much as we can.


So Today first of all everything we are going to Discover how to exchange these coins one to another or/and buy coins using $ (Dollars). At this case, we have to use service like


Please follow instruction step by step given below, in here we did buy Doge Coins using AdvCash Dollars and transfer those Doge Coins to wallet which named, account details


Before the beginning of exchange process, look at my account above. It has only 424.12 Doge Coins at this moment.

  • Go to, You can see the web page like below picture it shows which coins that we can use to exchange. In Left-hand side section, you have to select which Currency that you send and Right-hand side it shows which Currency that you have received.

  • Select from Send section that Currency which you spend

  • Select from received section that Currency which you wish to buy.
  • receive

  • After completing previous steps you can see Box like below picture in the middle of the web page, here you have to fill how much money or any other Crypto-Currency amount you wish to spend. After that it’s automatically generates the amount that you received. In this example Iโ€™m use to buy Doge Coins. So in here i have to put Doge Coin Address and E-mail address, Then Click Exchange Button
  • exchange

  • Its shows processing Your Request Page
  • request processing

  • Now you landed to AdvCash Payment page. In here you can see information’s regarding your Transaction. Choose and click the box which I Highlighted in Red.
  • advcash payment

  • Now you want log in to your AdvCash Account using your Account e-mail and password which you are using in your Registration Process. (In here Iโ€™m not going to talking about AdvCash Registration. In future may be ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • advcash log in

  • Second step in your Payment Process. It again shows you, Your Payment details. Get confirmed those details are correct and after confirm click Continue Button
  • payment details

  • After the Last step we did above in Payment Status page now shows Payment Successfully Completed and details about your transaction. Click Continue Button again and go ahead.
  • Payment complete

  • Completing all the steps above you redirect again to the changer web site and there you can see Exchange Complete You Received this amount that you requested, many more information’s etc.
  • Successfully completed all steps

    Now we completed all the stages of our exchange process. Now we are waiting to see what happened account


  • Received all Doge Coins that we requested and itโ€™s on pending status
  • doge recevied

    After few seconds all the Doge Coins available in account doge recevied complete

    Now You are done. Try this and share your experiences with us. New articles are coming very soon. Next we are going to learn create about and coinbase account.

    Join with us and tell this web site about your friends, I’m here to help you, all the information given above only for your acknowledgement. All rights reserved this article and images belong to

    I’m Charuka here to guide you inform you and impress you

    Best of Luck….! See you soon!

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    1. Hi Charuka!

      This is very helpful page. Been thinking where I can exchange my cryptocoins. Can you please suggest a wallet for prime coin. Thanks.

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