Buy LiteCoins Using Neteller & PayPal Step By Step Guide With Pictures


Here we are going to buy lite coin through our PayPal account. We linked our Neteller Virtual master Debit card to our PayPal Account and we buy lite coins from the website

At first of all, we want to verify our PayPal Email address to buy lite coins from this website. Because they have limits and very simple verification process. On their website, they said like this


“Daily buying limit goes up to $15

For up to $15 worth of crypto coins, they ask very simple and quick email verification. To do that, we have to email them as following

You have to Provide Full name


Primary interest in cryptocurrencies &

How much you expect to buy to getting Verify.”

In next Article, I will show you how to get verified.

Now we move on to step by step guide with the pictures,


  1. You can see from below picture our Lite Coin Balance, It’s only 0.00871 Litoshis with us and after that Neteller Account US $ Balance, It’s 8.95 USD.

Lite Valet Balance

Neteller Balance

  1. Now we are going to website and click make a purchase button. Then move on,

We sell Crypto Buy

  1. After the next page, you can decide which coins to buy. In here for the example (i) We select lite coins first and then (ii) select Next Button.

Buying process lite coins

  1. Following the picture guide, we’re on Step 2 in out Lite Coin Buying process. (i) Put the amount of USD that you wish to spend on lite coins. (For example, we put $8.95 then it will auto generates Coin amount that you can buy. ) (ii) Also, fill Your Lite Coin address and PayPal email addresses given blanks. You’re good in with your work, then click next.

Buying process lite coins

  1. In this section, it shows us you’re buying order summary. Double check your order. All are correct (i) Click the check box and agree with their Terms and Conditions (ii) All done!!! Go head Click Pay with PayPal Button.

Proceed to

  1. Now the website takes you to your PayPal account log into it and chooses your card or pay with your PayPal money what you have with you. Recheck all the details are correct and then Continue.

Buying Process on PayPal

Processing goes on.

On Processing

  1. You automatically redirect to we sell crypto website and it shows your order completed and successful.

Complete Sucsessfull

Now you all done

Here we can see what happen in our Neteller Account. US $ deducted from our main Balance

Neteller Account after the Transaction

This is the Transaction Details What we have

Transaction Details

✪✪✪✪✪ (During the exchange rate differences I have to reduce Buying US $ amount. Above Photograph shows $8.95 amount But Actually $8.15 use to buying Lite Coins) ✪✪✪✪✪


Below Picture shows PayPal transaction details

PayPal Transaction Details

  1. After following all the steps here we provide wait for few seconds till complete lite coin transaction. You can see here now we have in our vault what we buy.

Lite Vault Balance

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