How to get verify your PayPal Email on

how to get Email approval for

Today we are going to talk how to get verify your PayPal Email on to Buy Crypto Currencies like Doge Coins, Redd Coins, Lite Coins, Dash, and BitCoins. In this point, we have to know five (5) little conditions that provided by


They are

(i)  They said that Due to BitLicense requirements, They are unable to approve users located in the state of New York.

(ii)  PayPal is the only way to buy Crypto Currencies.

(iii) Minimum amount to pay on Crypto as low as  $ 3

(iv) Daily buying limit maximum up to as low as $ 15 for PayPal Email verified member. (if you want more Crypto Please to follow other verifying methods described here and see below picture. )

(v) If you want to buy Crypto through, Before it You have to verify your Email address (follow below steps)

1.I want up to $15 worth per day ” Verifying process.

In here they ask to Email  few details that what they ask for, the Email address

What do they ask for?

*  Your Name in full

*  Your Location

*  What is your Primary interest in cryptocurrencies?

*  At last How much you expect to buy on our site ?

  • Now go on to your Email address (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MSN) that you used to Register with PayPal
  • To : –

    Subject: – I want up to $15 worth per day

    Body :- 

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    Please verify my email address and increase my limit

    Full name: – Type your full name here without initials

    Location: Type your country (City that where you live – and again your country) Ex: United Kingdom (London- United Kingdom)

    Primary interest in cryptocurrencies: Want to get know about these coins and get experience, and also like to use trading

    How much you expect to buy:  $10 (lite coin or DogeCoin)

    Thank You & Best Regards

    Your Name

  • After doing above-mentioned step Please wait for one or two days for their reply. If you are lucky you will get reply same day as I got.
  • After the Verify your Email address you will get their reply like this,
  • Hi,

    Thanks for verifying.  We’ve raised your daily buy limit to $15.
    Hopefully that suffices — if not, you can opt for level 2
    verification by submitting a state-issued ID next to a handwritten
    WeSellCrypto statement + signature.  Please see our Limits &
    Verifications page for more information on additional verification.
    You can view your new limit and cool down on any purchases by entering
    your email in the Limits & Verification page.

    Best regards,
    The WSC Team

  • Now you are ready to go on. Plese, read Our Step by step guide for buying Crypto on
  • You can check your Email address and see what are your previous transactions and what is your daily limit at the speaking time. Go to Limits page and scroll down the page
  • There you can see Statement like Don’t remember your limits? Check them here!

    Put your PayPal address and Click Button

    See you can see your previous transactions and Daily limits,

    If you click I’m already verified, give me crypto coins button, It will redirect you to their homepage

    And after that, you have to follow what we told you to in LiteCoin buying process article.

    Try this and share your experiences with us.

    Join us and tell this website about your friends, I’m here to help you, all the information given above only for your acknowledgment. All rights reserved this article and images belong to

    I’m Charuka here to guide you inform you and impress you

    Best of Luck….! See you soon!

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