How to join with Profitable Bitcoin Advertisement Network coin advertisement Network is one of the best bitcoin advertising Network on the internet.  They have very strict Guideline to approve publisher website request as a publisher Because they targeted to drive quality traffic to their advertisers too.

How they pay for us

They will pay for each valid click and they pay in Bitcoins for every “click” on their advertisement. After each click, our money will be credited to the pending balance and will subsequently be transferred to the main balance in after 7 days.

They only paid for Valid clicks

On their F A Q section, they said like this

We pay only for clicks. Our advertisers are interested in quality traffic. If some of them would like to pay for impressions, it will be announced.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount

it is 0,01 BTC

If you want to more info please visit their website and refer faq page

Get Registered

Click Sign Up Button Top right side on the web page and Fill the all question on the form what they ask, Then click sign up button

Sign Up

Sign Up form

Then sign in to your account


After you sign in you have to request as a publisher

Click on Become a publisher link on your navigation bar, Fill all required answers and submit it. form become a publisher

What they asked

First part of the application You have to fill your personal information form become a publisher personal details

Full name, Country like that  after that you have to agree with the rules that you will not apply any fraud tricks

The second stage of the application they ask about the information of your website

Site URL

Site Language


Site Language

and the agree with Partnership terms

Finally, click on Become a Publisher Button

Here are some  suggestions


That’s all Cheers…. Is that simple like this

Now the beginning of saddest part.

They will reply to your email or on your request every weekday not weekends
This is the Gift i that what I got on my email

Your Account Was Not Approved

Not Approved

You know every sad thing coming with happy thing

the happiest thing is I got this email twice
After that, I decide to get their support

I email them like this

Dear madam/sir,

Anyway, thank you for replying my publisher request.
As you said I read all of your publisher terms that you mentioned in your reply. Here is the link but unfortunately I can’t find exact requirements Alexa rank traffic requirements or any other.
I hosted this website under subdomains,  which domain belongs to me. I requested as a publisher and you guys rejected my approval 2 times.

In my website no pop-ups, pop-unders, but I placed 6 ads at this moment. I want to know what are the exact requirements to apply my website.

Please advise me, I want to improve my websites and re-apply

Thank you

I have to wait one (01) day for their reply

here is the reply

BitMedia Support<>               Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 3:17 AM
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It says that your website is under construction. We’re not allowed to approve such websites

At the time when I requested, My main website which was under construction

I realized that was the reason to reject my sub domain website too.
Now the thing is I will apply 3rd time and I will update you what is the results with my improvements of website,

But Bit media website provides very fast support service friendly environment and secure space for both of advertisers and publishers

Stay tuned with us. We will update this article with the results as soon as possible

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