Bitcoin Wallet Dash Board Explanation [] A – Z Details Review

Bitcoin value against USD $ rise day by day, At this Moment it rises up to $1,195.00 (08/04/2017). Not only Bitcoins But all so other Altcoins Values are marked as higher. Altcoins are trending and it makes new Practices and the new day to day habits.

There for we are going to talk today about Bitcoin Wallet. Sometimes we have to find somewhere to store our coins in safe. Coin wallets work same as the Banks that we meet in our day to day life. But in little different, all things are Online instant and No interest rates are applicable. But the thing is Most of the Wallets are the use of friendly, One click Sign up Process, Low service charges, High-security structures, Transaction details were notified via Email and SMS’s, and much more benefits.

What coin wallets we can found?

There are much more Altcoins wallets are on the internet, They have different interfaces different advantages different aspects. I will do another post for about wallets and what pros and cons with them, But just for now we will going through wallet names. (For Bitcoins and Ethereum) (For Bitcoins) (For Bit, Doge and Ether Coins) (For Dogecoins) (For Bitcoins) (For Litecoins) (For different altcoins) (For Ethereum) (For different altcoins)

Here are the Most trusted and most used coin wallets in these days.

Coinbase Best for Bitcoin Wallet

Are you looking for Bitcoin Wallet? I recommend bitcoin wallet because of two (2) reasons.

(1) I used it as my primary wallet since 2014.
(2) Easy to use, Use of friendly and low Transaction fees

Then Today we are going to look forward and doing or getting explain discover more about Bitcoin wallet. Most of the time everybody knows How to get Register with a site like this doing easy form filling and blah blah blah. But any How someone who don’t know to do that correctly I’m here to help them. ( I will do a post about above-mentioned wallets registration processes, advantages, and disadvantages with them. )

What are on dashboard, What is it for and explain the website Dash board

Look at above picture and see what I marked on it. Here and after we are going to talk about those marked functions

Number [0]
It always shows Dashboard. It’s the main link on the front end of the website and we use it always to navigate the coin information panel (We simply call it Dashboard). Number 1, 2, 3, 5 & 8 are on this panel. On next few lines, we are going to clear about Why and what those indicators for?

Number [1]
Your current BTC amount in your account. In here it shows as 0.001 BTC and the USD $ rate shows here, It can be BTC or ETH

Number [2]
This is a multiple coin wallet, Therefore it gives you to chance use 2 different coin wallets in the same account. They are BTC and ETH. In number 1 and 2 as I show above pictures, it will show how much coins that with you and what are the rates in USD or whatever currency that you are chosen. (The currency can be Euro, British Pound or any other that available.)

Number [3]
Above explanation we discover what are describe on number 1 and 2, Mainly it shows individual coin values. But In here Number 3 shows us Full coins value Total Balance in USD or any other with us.

Number [4]
Your name, Definitely it will be your name that you choose on your account settings page or on the sign-up process. Not only name you can upload any picture from your account settings and do more personalize your Account.

Number [5]
A current value of each coin. In the speaking time, Bitcoin Value shows as $ 1,225.55. If you choose ETH then it will show you what the current USD value with it.

Number [6]
Send/Request tab, This mean you can use this tool to send your BTC or ETH coins from your address to another address. It can be account or any other. No matter what it was. You can send. And all so this tool can be use to request funds.

Number [7]
Here you can see in Accounts tab your existing accounts. It means already created bitcoin and ETH Coin wallets. You can create wallets here or see your addresses. Transfer coins between accounts. Rename Account names, And see your transaction history.

Number [8]
This is the button that switches you to USD value between coins. You can use this one to see the actual value of the coin speaking time.

Number [9]
Settings tab that gives us chance to Change our nickname, Email address, Personal details like postal address, Date of birth, Select your local currency, Add your phone number, Google Authenticator, Two-Step Verification Settings. and many more things.

So today we talk about the Dashboard. I try my best to explain all the things If you have any question please contact me via the comment section or contact us page. In next chapter, we are going to talk about how to send bitcoins via

Stay tuned with us

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