Send Bitcoins From Wallet address to Different Wallet address [With Pictures] – Step Guide

Send bitoins from wallet address to wallet address

First of all, we would like to wish happy Easter for everybody around the World. Last time we talk about dashboard and get clear knowledge about that. This time we continue it and learn how to transfer bitcoins from address to another address, not address it is different website’s bitcoin address.

This time I prefer to say Send bitcoins super easy and everybody knows that very well, Then why I am doing this? Just because I like to share every little detail relating to Bitcoin and other Altcoin subjects without skipping anything. But My method, not A – Z, But it is easy to learn.

Now we can move on to our subject, Send Bitcoins from address to another address.

Now we are ready to send bitcoins, From to wallet address. Here is a picture before transfer funds from Coinbase to Cryptonator. In here on our wallet nothing. Balance shoes Zero. wallet balance

So let’s get start,

First of all, log in to your dashboard and go to send/received, the link on the left-hand sidebar on your desktop.
According to our picture click on number 6 Dash board

After clicking its automatically drive you to another page call send funds, In here you can see different headings. send receive description

Now you are ready to Send Bitcoins, Top of the screen it shows Send Funds, After that, you have to fill who received the bitcoins where you have send. It can be E-mail or Coin Address. [ NOTE: – If you using an E-mail address to send coins. That E-mail address wants to be coin base registered E-mail address.]

Next select amount that you wish to send. Here You can type the amount or Click on My Wallet, therefore, it will select every single penny on your wallet to send.

Here you can type anything that you wish to say anything about this transaction. It can be anything to remember about the transaction. ex: – faucet deposit, Dogecoin buying etc. This note only showing on your transactions page and it is not for the recipient. send receive notes

Keep on going click send Funds button send receive description fill the form

Now you can see the confirmation page. All the details that you entered are showing here. Here you can see what is the recipient Bitcoin address, Amount of the bitcoin that you are sending and the USD conversation rate. Please confirm all the details here before clicking the confirmation button. send receive confirmation page

Now click on Confirm button

After clicking the button you can see on the screen as below picture. It says send complete.
after complete, all the steps click on Back to Account and see the transaction details send receive complete page

Below pictures shows us transaction details on our two (2) coin wallets,, and Both websites show us pending status. It takes time 15 minutes up to 1 or 2 hours to take complete our transaction. send receive pending status send receive pending status

If you want to more information you can click on transaction information and get more details about the transaction. like the status of your transaction. send receive pending status more details

Now waiting till to the transactions show the complete status,

After completing your transaction you can see it like below send receive complete status send receive complete status

Good luck everybody. Will see next time

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